🥎 2023 Softball for Younger Players

Expanding Softball Registration: 5-12 years old

Parents of young girls, we’ve heard you! We’re opening up registration to girls from 5 to 12 years old and we’re going to try putting together teams for all the age groups we can. We had a great response to our informal poll, and we’re excited to run with it!

We will need coaches, too. We have 1 Majors team covered, but we may have enough players to form another. We’ll absolutely need coaches for the younger teams. If you’re interested or know someone who’d be great at it, please reach out!

Please understand that we’ll try our best to make this happen for all ages, but it’s an experiment for us this year, and we may have to adjust things depending on how many sign-ups we actually get in each age group. If we don’t get enough players for a division, we’ll talk about alternatives like moving to baseball or getting a refund.

We won’t know until we try, though, and we’d really love to make this program as strong as possible as quickly as we can. The more girls we start on softball now, the better they’ll get at it.

Please register all ages under “Little League Softball - Girls” at our registration page. We’re keeping the $25 discount active just for softball registrations, too.

Let’s do this!