SMLL Fields

Sierra Mountain Little League

The Sierra Mountain Little League playing fields are located behind the Oakhurst Community Center.

Sierra Mountain Little League
425B Cinder Lane
Oakhurst, California 93644

From Northbound 41:

  1. Turn right on Road 426
  2. Turn right on 425B
  3. Turn right on Cinder Lane

Little League traffic should take the road to the left to bypass the Community Center parking lot. Please park in the gravel parking lot only.

BATHROOMS: available any time there are games or practices. Coaches should unlock & lock it around activities.

SMLL Majors Field

All local games for Major and AAA baseball are played on the SMLL Majors field, located on the left side when parking.

SMLL Softball Field

All divisions of softball can have games scheduled at the SMLL Softball Field, located on the right side when parking.

Player Pitch, Coach Pitch, and Tee Ball baseball can have games at the SMLL Softball Field.

North Fork Elementary School

North Fork Elementary School

More information forthcoming.

Oak Creek Intermediate

BATHROOMS: A port-a-potty is located between fields 2 and 3. Coaches can unlock & lock it around activities.

OCI Field #1

The north field at Oak Creek Intermediate School, located at the top of the multisport field and track, and surrounded by an outfield fence, may host 12U and 10U softball games. It’s also suitable for baseball at ages when a mound is not strictly necessary.

OCI Field #2

The southeastern field at Oak Creek Intermediate School, located closest to the lower parking lot cul-de-sac, may host Coach Pitch & Tee Ball baseball, and softball for 8U & 6U. It has shorter 50’ baselines, suitable for younger players.

OCI Field #3

The southwestern field at Oak Creek Intermediate School, located closest to MyClub, is most easily accessed by parking across Nelder Creek at the parking lot between Oakhurst Elementary School and First Baptist Church.

It has a very small infield and is suitable only for Tee Ball or 6U softball practices.


BATHROOMS: Open until 7pm on weekdays, not open on weekends.

Wasuma Upper Field

The 1st field at Wasuma Elementary School is located on the left after turning into the school driveway. With 60’ baselines and without a pitching mound, it is suitable for hosting 12U and lower softball teams and younger baseball divisions.

Wasuma Lower Field

The 2nd field at Wasuma Elementary School is located at the back of the campus and can be accessed by driving through the parking lot and following the road to the right of the buildings. It has no pitching mound and short baselines, and is suitable for use by 8yo and under practices (Coach Pitch, Tee, 8U, 6U).

Yosemite High School

BATHROOMS: The building next to the track will be open during games.

Varsity Softball

To reach the Varsity softball field, enter campus off High School Road, drive past the Baker Swim Complex, and park in the dirt lot at the end of the road. Pass through the left-most fence and walk across the gated-off dirt lot towards the tennis courts and softball field.

JV Softball

To reach the Junior Varsity softball field, park at the dirt lot off Hangtree Lane and walk across the bridge to the grassy lot beyond. The field will be on your left. It is located below the football and track stadium.

League Boundaries

Our official boundary map is below. Check if your player’s address or school falls within our area using the official LL League Finder.